No more host

I received my invoice to renew my hosting for two more years last week and with money being a little tight these days, I had to reconsider my need for a hosted site and email. In the past year I’d had a few problems with the DNS servers and email but my host had always been very responsive in resolving every issue. It was just a couple weeks ago I’d finally fixed all of my email problems.

I took a good hard look at my activity on my sited. Because of the email issues, I really hadn’t been using the email accounts much and I use Gmail for most of my correspondence. Most of the content I had on and was quite static and hadn’t been updated in quite a while, to include my genealogy data. Two of the three blogs on the site were about the only content that was active, and I had the conky page which has been updated quite a bit lately.

I had been providing email accounts for my son and daughter-in-law and they’ve already told me it was okay to terminate that. I went through recent emails and changed the addresses for most of the ones I cared about. I backed up the entire site to my local computer so I wouldn’t lose any content. I backed up the blogs and exported the two more active ones to so they’re up and running. I may have lost a few readers in the process but I probably didn’t have that many readers anyway. I created a page on this blog for the Conky information and changed the commands to download the script and configuration files from my Dropbox.

Just after midnight this morning, after I’d shut down my computers, I got an email alert on my phone from my bank informing me that the amount for the hosting invoice had hit my account. My invoice had said that it needed to be paid by the 7th so I wasn’t expecting it to go through so soon. I had hoped to have a couple more days to make sure I had everything ready to close my account. I left a message with support explaining the situation, my intention to close out my account by the 7th, and requested a refund. Within a couple of hours, I received confirmation that the money would be refunded and the account would be closed. When I checked my bank account this morning there was both the charge and the refund pending.

They’ve been an excellent hosting provider and they’ve been very responsive to any problems I’ve had. I evaluated my need for hosted email and content and decided it was something that was nice to have but not really necessary. I would like to have a place for my genealogy information so I’ll be looking to see what I can find for that. Some of the information can be put on my “Official” weblog on But right now, not having some kind of web site up feels strange. I’ve had a personal web site of some kind for many, many years going back to the days when I had a dial-up ISP. I’m going to miss having a personalized domain name.


Blogs and nameservers

One day last week I found that I couldn’t access the WordPress blog on my primary domain. I put in a support ticket with my hosting provider and they discovered that my required a lower version of PHP than what was on the server. They downgraded it and I was able to access the blog and upgrade it to the latest version of WordPress.

In the course of investigating that problem, they noticed that my subdomain was pointing to an old nameserver and suggested that I contact the domain registrar to have the nameservers changed. When I changed hosting providers a few years ago I got a new domain name as part of the package and I moved my original domain over as a subdomain while keeping the original domain registration.

I also found that I’d been accessing cPanel via the IP address for the server that had been used prior to them migrating my domains to a new server, meaning that I’d been accessing and making changes to old data.¬† I changed my cPanel shortcut to use the URL.

I contacted the domain registrar to get the nameservers changed on the domain which had me going back and forth between the domain registrar and the hosting provider, and each saying that the other needed to make the change. Finally, someone on the registrar’s support staff provided me with a link to the control panel where I could make the change myself. After reestablishing my credentials, I changed the nameservers.

After giving the change some time to propagate, I checked the domain on and saw that it was showing the correct nameservers. I opened the blogs that reside on the second domain (that I just changed) and they seemed to be up to date. I checked them at random intervals and it looked good, I hadn’t lost anything.

I still haven’t resolved the problems with Thunderbird on my Linux and Windows PCs. I’m still accessing the hosted email accounts from my Linux laptop. I’m hesitant to delete the accounts on the Linux PC because of all the stored emails. I could delete them on the Windows PC and recreate them, letting Thunderbird find the mail servers like I did with the laptop.

I’m considering letting the second domain go when it comes up for renewal in November.¬† I can prepare for that by forwarding mail to the account on my primary domain, setting up new accounts and forwarding¬† for the kids, and moving the blogs to either the primary domain or to I’ve got a few months think about it. Having two domains on the same hosting account has been a bit of a headache lately.

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