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Messing with email

Last night I was thinking about upgrading my laptop to Mint 18.1 even though 17.3 will still be supported for a couple more years. I don’t have much data on it but I figured I’d run a back up and make a list of applications and settings. The laptop was my only Linux machine that was receiving email (but not sending) from my hosted accounts I I figured I’d jot down the settings. I decided to compare them with the Thunderbird settings on my Windows 7 PC which was also receiving but not sending. The settings were different for some reason.

I brought up cPanel and checked the mail setup instructions which were different from either. I got the settings for the laptop and the Win 7 PC from cPanel at different times. Apparently, they occasionally change the recommended settings

I opened up Thunderbird on the main Linux desktop, changed the settings, and they worked. My inboxes began filling up. I successfully sent test messages from both accounts to my gmail. I also made adjustments to the settings in my sbcglobal account which I haven’t used in years except for PPOE login when AT&T was my ISP. And I added my new Time-Warner account.

So far it seems to be working. Another problem solved until the next time something changes.


More Email Issues

I guess sometime yesterday my email stopped downloading to Thunderbird on my Linux desktop. This morning I tried to access it from Thunderbird on my Windows PC and got nothing. I was getting mail from my main account on my phone and through a webmail client so it’s not a server side problem. Just for grins I set up my accounts in Thunderbird on my Linux laptop, letting it find the servers and it worked. All I needed to to was change the settings for SSL/TLS.

Maybe I need to change the server settings on the other clients to be the same as on the laptop. I’ll play with it tomorrow; I’m really not in the mood to mess with it any more today.

While I was investigating the problem I looked at the three webmail clients offered by my hosting service – Horde, Roundcube, and Squirrel Mail. I’m not impressed by any of them. They might be okay for occasional access when away from my desktop but I couldn’t see using any of them on a long-term basis.

Email problems

A few days ago I noticed that I wasn’t receiving emails from my mojoreisen.com account. I changed the account settings in my mail client to the secure settings and the mail appeared. However, I haven’t gotten any since.

This morning, I opened up cPanel and looked at my email account. The disk usage showed 0MB used. I then accessed the account via my host’s webmail interface and there was nothing. I sent myself test emails from various accounts but the only one received was from my rbromig.org account which is on the same server. I did not get any bounced messages in the other accounts. Are the messages getting to the mail server but something is happening to them before they are routed to the account? It’s weird.

As another check, I downloaded and installed Thunderbird to my Windows PC and set up the accounts as IMAP accounts. Again, the only message on the mojoreisen.com account was the one from rbromig.org, nothing from the outside.

I’ve put a ticket into my host’s tech support. Hopefully, they can figure out what’s going on.

I guess I need to go through my various accounts with financial institutions and other organizations and change my email contacts that use that account. If I can get to a point where I don’t need that account, I’ll have only one active account using that domain for mail. Maybe I can set her up an account on rbromig.org or go to gmail or something.

Actually, I’d like to just close down the mojoreisen.com domain, moving my blogs to either my primary domain or to wordpress.com. I haven’t done anything with the web pages on the domain in ages.

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