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Linux Experiments

E-475mEarlier this week I did an OEM installation of Linux Mint 18.3 on my Gateway laptop. I’d seen an EzeeLinux video on how to do it and I wanted to give a try. I had a friend who’d seen me using Mint on my laptop and expressed interest in it and an OEM installation would enable to him to go through the process of setting up his user name, password, and all that

I did the set up much like my own systems, setting up Timeshift, adding the Chromium browser and the Htop utility. I added scripts to the cron.weekly and cron.monthly folders to run get updates and do a little system cleanup.

HP-110-miniIn another experiment, I found my wife’s old HP 110-Mini Netbook and installed Mint 18.3 XFCE on it With an Intel Atom processor and only 1GB of RAM, I wasn’t expecting much. It runs but it’s incredibly slow. I don’t know if bringing it up to 2GB will help much. The netbook originally ran Windows 7 Starter edition. I pulled that hard drive out and replaced it with a different drive just in case the experiment didn’t work out. I’m considering a more lightweight distribution for this device. Maybe Puppy Linux.


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  1. I haven’t had a chance to work with my friend with the Gateway laptop and I just haven’t had the time to mess with the 110 Mini. I’ve got a 2GB stick of DDR2 RAM that I can put in it but I’m not sure it will support it but I think it might I also need to look into a very lean Linux distro for the Mini. I’m probably looking to use the Mini for something to have handy while I’m watching TV or I wake up on the middle of the night and need to jot down some notes or something.

  2. I installed Linux Lite on the HP 110 Netbook. The actual install took a while but now that it’s up and running, it seems to be okay. I’ll have to play with it a bit to see how it works out. The desktop environment is based on XFCE and like my other laptops running XFCE, I had issues with the SSH security keys.

    The distro is based on Ubuntu but it has its own added features. It’s suppose to run fine on 512MB of RAM and a 700 MHz processor so it should be okay with 1GB of RAM with a 1.6 GHz Atom processor. We’ll see how it works out.

    I guess I was mistaken about the 2GB DDR2 memory module so I’m stuck with one gig.

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