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Fun with Samba

After replacing my Dell Optioplex 780 with the HP Elite 8300, I wasn’t sure what to do with the Dell. I kind of figured I’d put Linux on it and use it for something. I recently watched an EzeeLinux video on sharing files with Samba. I figured a simple Samba server might be useful for sharing files and making music and videos available across my network.

I installed Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon on the Dell and configured it the way I like it. Then I used sftp to copy my entire music library over. I installed and set up Samba, configured it, and set up the shares – a Music share and a Public share. The Public share is a central location for sharing files on the network.

After some tweaking I got it working pretty well on the Dell and the Windows computers. However, I could not see the shares on the other Linux computers. I did an exhaustive search on Google and various Linux forums and found nothing that helped. My smb.conf file seemed to be okay everything was in the same workgroup..


Then I found a suggestion that looked interesting .Someone suggested opening the file manager (nemo, thunar) in a terminal, pointing it to the share – nemo smb:// . It worked! I had access to the shared folders. On the computers running the Cinnamon desktop, I created a bookmark and on the XCFE desktops, I created a launcher to access the shares. Maybe not the most elegant solution but it works.

When I replied to my comment on the YouTube video I read through the other comments and replies and found that Linux Mint does have problems with smb shares.

How will I use my Samba server? It’s another tool I can use on my network. One of the shares is make my music library available everywhere on the network. The Public share is an alternative to using Dropbox and flash drives. And it was a good learning experience.


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  1. I shared two more folders Samba – Pictures and Videos.

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