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Changed Provider

The tech arrived an hour ahead of schedule, good thing. I was able to use the old cable that I’d used for my cable modem years ago so there were no new holes in the way. Also a good thing. The tech hooked it up, called in the modem’s MAC address to register it, and we waited for over an hour to get connected. He said he’d never had to wait so long for it. Just a few minutes after he departed for his next job, the Welcome screen we’d been waiting for finally appeared.

I connected the router to the modem and the USFF Linux box and restarted the modem to get a good public address. I was able to connect to the Internet and everything looked good. I’ll switch everything else over later on today at a time when no one needs access. All I need to do is connect the router to the Cisco switch and patch the switch in my office to the router. I only have two devices with static IPs where I need to change the default gateway setting (the WAP and the NAS).

I should have the VoIP box by next weekend and once I have that set up, I can cut the umbilical cord to AT&T Uverse.


2 Responses

  1. The remainder of the changeover went well. I disconnect the switches from the Residential Gateway and plugged them into the Linksys router. I had to release and renew the IP addresses for all the PCs. The only one that gave me a problem was my main PC but a reboot took care of that. I changed the default gateway in the WAP settings and took care of all the mobile devices. I’ll have to check on the Roku and the DVD player. They should be okay. Once I get VoIP set up, I can say goodbye to AT&T.

  2. The VoIP device arrived the other day and I have it set up. I wasn’t able to get a Google Voice number close to my current home number but those are the breaks. I need to look into a few things about configuring and customizing Google Voice. I’d like to cut the cord on AT&T by Wednesday (18 Jan).

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