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Donated PCs

A couple of days ago I started wiping the hard drives of some excess computers. I also went through my parts tub and filled a couple of large boxes with a lot of outdated parts that I know I will never use. There were a lot of old 3COM NICs, various video cards, some old switches and hubs, and some other junk.

Today, I loaded nine desktop computers, an old IBM laptop (former Windows print server), an old flatbed scanner, an old UPS, and the two boxes of parts into the truck. I took them over to Charitable Recycling on Springfield Street to donate them for Children’s Hospital but the gate was locked with no immediately apparent way to contact them. So I traveled through downtown and made my up to Access Project on Salem Avenue where I’ve donated old computer many times in in the past.

It’s good to have the room they’d once occupied although I had developed feelings of fondness toward a couple of them. I tried to think of possible ways to reuse them but I really couldn’t come up with anything. They were a bit lacking in memory but due to their age, purchasing memory for them is not cost effective.

On the other hand, I did hold on to the last tower that I built. I’m still seriously thinking about turning it into a NAS box by putting three 1-terabyte data drives in a RAID-5 configuration with a smaller system drive running a Linux-based NAS software.

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to collect so many computers. I guess I’m a hoarder.

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