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More Email Issues

I guess sometime yesterday my email stopped downloading to Thunderbird on my Linux desktop. This morning I tried to access it from Thunderbird on my Windows PC and got nothing. I was getting mail from my main account on my phone and through a webmail client so it’s not a server side problem. Just for grins I set up my accounts in Thunderbird on my Linux laptop, letting it find the servers and it worked. All I needed to to was change the settings for SSL/TLS.

Maybe I need to change the server settings on the other clients to be the same as on the laptop. I’ll play with it tomorrow; I’m really not in the mood to mess with it any more today.

While I was investigating the problem I looked at the three webmail clients offered by my hosting service – Horde, Roundcube, and Squirrel Mail. I’m not impressed by any of them. They might be okay for occasional access when away from my desktop but I couldn’t see using any of them on a long-term basis.


2 Responses

  1. Still no email coming into Thunderbird on my desktop computers but I can get email on my laptop. I don’t get it. Both were working and I hadn’t changed any settings. I changed the servers setting to what TB automatically set them on the laptop but to no avail.

    This morning, the webmail clients didn’t show anything in my inboxes which I don’t understand. The laptop is set up for IMAP so the mail is not removed from the server or is it?

    I thinking it’s about time to move everything from the hosted IMAP/POP3 to Gmail. I’m getting tired of dealing with it.

  2. This evening, I removed the accounts from Thunderbird on my Windows PC and re-added them, allowing the client to find the addresses. Then I set them to use SLS/TLS. It’s working. I suspect that it would work on the Linux PC as well. How important is the email that’s already on it? Probably not that important. I can go through it and save those I want to save to files.

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