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A few days ago I noticed that I wasn’t receiving emails from my account. I changed the account settings in my mail client to the secure settings and the mail appeared. However, I haven’t gotten any since.

This morning, I opened up cPanel and looked at my email account. The disk usage showed 0MB used. I then accessed the account via my host’s webmail interface and there was nothing. I sent myself test emails from various accounts but the only one received was from my account which is on the same server. I did not get any bounced messages in the other accounts. Are the messages getting to the mail server but something is happening to them before they are routed to the account? It’s weird.

As another check, I downloaded and installed Thunderbird to my Windows PC and set up the accounts as IMAP accounts. Again, the only message on the account was the one from, nothing from the outside.

I’ve put a ticket into my host’s tech support. Hopefully, they can figure out what’s going on.

I guess I need to go through my various accounts with financial institutions and other organizations and change my email contacts that use that account. If I can get to a point where I don’t need that account, I’ll have only one active account using that domain for mail. Maybe I can set her up an account on or go to gmail or something.

Actually, I’d like to just close down the domain, moving my blogs to either my primary domain or to I haven’t done anything with the web pages on the domain in ages.


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  1. It’s not just my email. Other email accounts on the domain are also failing. I can’t connect to my blogs or pages on the domain. Apparently, the nameserver for are still the host’s old DNS servers. When they upgraded their DNS servers, they didn’t update the A records or the CNAME entries for my subdomain. It looks like they finally pulled the plug on the old DNS server a couple of days ago.

  2. The ticket was escalated and the DNS problem was resolved by early Saturday evening.

    Yesterday, I looked at both domains on LeafDNS and they seemed to still have the same nameservers. I guess there must have been some change on the backend and my subdomain didn’t get updated. But everything seems to be working okay now.

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