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conky modifications

conkyI discovered conky several years ago and it has been a staple of my Linux desktop ever since. It displays information about the system, processes, memory, disk usage, and network activity at a glance. Today I looked around to find out ways to enhance my script. There are a plethora of conky scripts out there but I only made a couple of minor changes to mine.

I inserted if_exist statements at the beginning of the network sections of the script to check if the LAN and WLAN interfaces were present or active. Before I had been commenting or deleting the WLAN section on a desktop PC. Now I don’t have to change the script. On a laptop, only the network interfaces that are active at bootup will be shown.

I also added lines to display the time and date at the bottom of the display. Sometimes it’s handy to be able to see the time on the desktop.

I have instructions for installing the script at Rick’s Tech Stuff. The link is Conky Config . The install instructions are written for a Debian or Ubuntu (Mint) system.

Basically, you install conky , put it in your startup apps and create the script in your home directory. You can cut and paste the script from the page or download it.


6 Responses

  1. I made a couple of minor changes to my conky script after publishing this post and I haven’t gotten around to updating the web page and uploading the latest script.

    I swapped the line
    ${if_existing /proc/net/route eth0}
    ${font sans-serif:bold:size=8}NETWORK ${hr 2}
    so that NETWORK displays even if there isn’t a LAN connection.

    I think I also removed the font declaration from the line that displays the LAN IP address to keep it consistent with the WLAN IP address display.

    I’ll try to remember to upload the current script and change it on the web page this weekend.

  2. A few days ago I fixed the script on the web page and uploaded the current, updated conkyrc.txt. Yesterday, I installed conky on a fresh Linux install and downloaded the text file to the home directory and renamed it .conkyrc. I didn’t have to edit the script at all.

  3. The script, by default, assumes that network connections are eth0 and wlan0. If your system uses something different, open the script with any text editor (vi, nano, gedit, etc) and change them.

  4. I updated the documentation on my web site and replaced the screenshot with a picture that more accurately shows what the script displays. The shot was from my desktop so there was no wireless connection to be displayed. Non-existent network connections are simply not displayed.

    I’m working on a possible bash script to automate the process or at least fine tuning some of the commands to download the files to the proper locations. I’ll probably have to install Linux on a spare laptop in in a virtual machine. That could be interesting, I really haven’t messed around with VM, especially in Linux.

  5. I modified my conky script again today. I added lines to display remaining battery charge. I have it commented out in the script; just uncomment for use with a laptop.

    I also removed the CPU graph and added additional bar graphs for additional processor cores. The graph only showed CPU1 and I figured that a graph for each core would look too busy.

    I also added a line to display the processor make and model. This line will probably require editing depending on your processor. It uses grep, sed, and cut commands to find the make and model in /proc/cpuinfo, then extract the information to be displayed. View the ‘model name’ line in /proc/cpuinfo and count the characters in the model name you want displayed. Enter that number for the second number in ‘cat -c 1-xx’.

    The online script and files have been uploaded ant the page updated. I’m still not sure how practical an installation script would be but I might work on it in a virtual machine just for the challenge. For as few machines as I have this script running on, having a copy of the files on a flash drive or in my Dropbox works well.

    Conky screenshot (02/06/17)

  6. […] everything right. I think I finally have it the way I want it. I did make a new comment to conky modifications but that was before I finished for the […]

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