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I brought my old Gateway laptop with Mint 17 up for the first in about a year. There were a lot of updates, as one would expect. After the updates I noticed that Dropbox wasn’t synchronizing. After searching forums, I tried various fixes. Finally, I “purged” the existing installation and used apt-get to install nautilus-dropbox. That got it running properly again.

Now I’m getting 404 errors when I run apt-get update or run update manager. These 404 errors refer to the old dropbox repositories that no longer exist.  A Google search on the problem has not produced any useful information.

Failed to fetch http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu/dists/qiana/main/binary-amd64/Packages 404 Not found [IP: 80]

Failed to fetch http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu/dists/qiana/main/binary-i386/Packages 404 Not found [IP: 80]

I’ve not been able to locate these URLs in any of the source.list files under /etc/apt/. Nor can I find  any reference to them in the GUI Software Sources app. Yet when I run Update Manager or apt-get update the URLs are queried, thus producing the aforementioned error messages.

I left a query on the Dropbox support forum so I’m hoping to get a response soon.


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  1. The Dropbox repository issue may be a moot point now. I upgraded from Mint 17 Qiana to 17.3 Rosa and all I get now is kernel panic at boot up. I downloaded the 17.3 ISO and put it on a flash drive. I’m installing it from scratch. I didn’t have anything on that laptop so adding the stuff I like shouldn’t be a problem.

    [Added] Apparently, the Gateway E475M does not like Mint 17.3 at all. It will be wiped and added to the donation pile. I’ll use the Optiplex 755 for the rack.

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