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WAP Installed

The D-Link DAP-2553 Wireless Access Point arrived today and once I got home I couldn’t wait to open the box and put it together. It wasn’t as easy as I’d anticipated.

The WAP’s default address is and my network is which made it a bit difficult to access directly. What I ended up doing was to set the LAN interface on a laptop to an address in the same subnet and ran a cable between the laptop and the WAP. Then I was able to get into the Web interface to change the IP address and set up my SSID. The documentation didn’t exactly make it clear that there was a tab to save the entire configuration and set it to the new settings. I finally got it connected to the network where I could get into the interface from from a networked computer and see that it was connecting wireless clients. I double checked it with various devices – laptops, iPhones, iPads, etc. It seemed to be working.

I thought I’d install the AP Manager software on my Windows PC. The first thing it told me I needed to do was install PostgreSQL. After installing the latest version of that (the version they asked for is no longer supported), it still nagged me that PostgreSQL wasn’t installed.

I found an AP Manager II manual and it says it’s used to manage a wireless network from a central computer so that there’s no need to configure devices individually. I can see where that would come in handy in an enterprise but I don’t deal with that many devices so I’ll keep on doing it manually.

At some point, I’m thinking about setting up the Linksys WRT54G as a wireless router behind the 2Wire gateway as a guest WiFi access point. It would be on a different network and wouldn’t be able to access the main network. I’m in no hurry to get that done. I think it’s more important that I put up a small shelf to make a home for the access point. Right now I have it balanced on the corner of the china cabinet.

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