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Logitech Trackman Wheel

It’s a shame that Logitech no longer produces the Trackman Wheel. I really can’t understand why they discontinued this great product. It’s a great wired trackball with a scroll wheel that my hand fits comfortably around. Other trackballs on the market don’t offer the comfort and convenience at a reasonable price. Logitech has a similar wired trackball but it retails at around $200. For that kind of money, it had better have a lifetime warranty and components that never wear out.

The Trackman Wheel that I’d been using on my main PC started showing signs of age. The left and right buttons would double-click at inappropriate times or unexpectedly release when I was trying to select text. I ended up replacing it with the Logitech M570 wireless trackball which is, in my experience, a very good trackball. I’ve been using one with my laptop for quite some time and I really like it.

The M570 works well with my desktop PC although to ensure a good connection, I had to place the receiver in a front USB port and keep the trackball on top of my desk instead of on the keyboard tray under the desk. This is very inconvenient to say the least. As a work around I’m going to attach the receiver to the end of a USB extension cable and attach it to the bottom of the desktop.

If my remaining Trackman Wheel gives out, I may have a problem. That one is attached to a KVM and I’m not sure a wireless device will work well with a KVM. I still have a couple Trackball Marbles but they lack the scroll wheel and I really don’t care for the general design.

If Logitech has no plans to bring back the Trackman Wheel, maybe it’s time for some other manufacturer to step up to the plate with a trackball with similar features.


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  1. Placing the receiver on the end of an extension cable and mounting it beneath the desk worked like a charm.

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