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Win 10 Downgrade

The other day I accidentally put my Windows 10 machine into sleep mode which was a terrible mistake. I managed to get it out of sleep mode but it’s been acting screwy ever since. When I fired it up this evening, I had once again lost my taskbar icons and the start button wouldn’t work. I managed to get it to a Powershell prompt through Task Manager,  reinstalled Modern Apps (via a convoluted command line script), and after a reboot, it seemed to be working properly.

However, I don’t consider the problem to be solved. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops like that. With that in mind, I’ve decided that I’m going to downgrade back to Windows 7.

I had been wondering what to do with the wife’s old PC after her upgrade and I had given some thought about using it to replace my ultra-small form factor PCs. I replaced the original 160GB hard drive with a 250GB drive. I loaded Windows 7 on it and installed most of the basic applications. I also went online and ordered 16GB of RAM for it. It’s only a Core Duo so it needs all the help it can get. I even coughed up an extra six bucks to get it here in a couple of days. It won’t be a kick-ass system but it will be adequate for my modest Windows needs.

Over the next day or two I will be cataloging what applications and data I need to move. Since Microsoft neglected to include the Easy Transfer utility, I’ll probably be transferring the data manually. With any luck, I should have it up and running by the weekend.

It looks as though I’m going to have three ultra-small form factor Optiplex 780s available for whatever. I’m thinking that I can probably find a use for them as Linux-based appliances of some kind. I’m sure I can find a use for them.


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  1. The downgrade didn’t go quite as planned but it was successful. The RAM I ordered for the 780 wasn’t compatible but I was able to swap some memory with the M91 and get the 780 up to 12GB which should be sufficient.

    Copying my files and getting apps installed went quite well. Mozbackup transferred all of my Firefox settings, even the add-on that contained links to all the sites I go to regularly. It’s been running great.

    I’ve still got the 780 USFF with Win 10 set aside but it probably won’t be long until I put Mint on it to replace the 755 in the network corner.

    All in all, as downgrades go, it went better than a lot of upgrades I’ve done.

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