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DNS Woes

Yesterday evening I began noticing that Dropbox on my Windows computers was not updating and today I noticed that was was not able to get to web sites that I’d been able to access before and I was not able to update my anti-virus software or get Windows updates.

I ran the network troubleshooting on my Windows 7 machine and it said that it was unable to connect to the DNS server. Strange, I thought. I’ve had no trouble accessing anything on my Linux machines. I did some research and found that the DNS servers on my Uverse gateway are hardwired and cannot be changed. Those particular servers are necessary for the Uverse TV package which I don’t have.

On my Windows 7 box, I manually set the DNS servers to OpenDNS ( and, rebooted and my Internet access was back to normal. Since I don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up a network behind the AT&T gateway, I’ll have to do this on all of my computers.

In the process I discovered that my Mint laptop had had the OpenDNS addresses configured in the /etc/resolv.conf during installation. I went ahead and added it to my main Ubuntu PC.

That’s another strike against the Uverse Internet package. There is no alternative to the the 2-Wire gateway they provide and you can’t change things like the DNS addresses. Time-Warner is starting to look better. At least I’m not tied to their modem/router and I can choose my own DNS servers.


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  1. When (and I’m sure I’m going to do it) I install a router behind the AT&T RG, I’ll be able to assign DNS servers of my choice as the inside router will be handling DHCP for the inside network.

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