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A couple of days ago my Western Digital My Book World Edition NAS died. I was able to ping it but had no connection beyond that. I pulled out the drives and they tested okay so it appears that the device itself is toast.

Today I did some research on how to recover my data and found information on how to recover the data using a Linux boot CD. Using that information I was able to attach one of the drives to a Windows PC, boot to a Linux CD, break the mirror and copy the most important files from it.

I’ve ordered another 1TB drive and I’ll set up the drives in a computer and copy it all. I’m looking to find another NAS device (not Western Digital). The Qnap TS-212-E 2-Bay Personal Cloud Network Attached Storage device looks like it will suit my needs rather well. The price is reasonable and it supports Windows, Mac and Linux. Once I’ve replaced and configured the new NAS, I’ll use the new terabyte drive as an external backup drive.


4 Responses

  1. I got the QNAP NAS set up and my data copied over to it. Now I need to work out how to access the files without going through their web interface. I need to be able to access everything from all the computers in my work group, both Windows and Linux. I need to be able to do this without creating users and passwords for shares on it.

    On the same subject, I want to be able to access shares across the network from all computers.

  2. I still haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to open up the QNAP NAS to all computers on my network.

  3. I joined the QNAP forum and submitted my question on how to do simple file sharing on the device. I’ve had the thing for about month and I still can’t effectively use it. Hopefully, I’ll get a usable answer that isn’t totally written in geek. If not, I guess I might put it up on e-bay or something.

  4. After almost 2 years, I still don’t have the QNAP NAS fully operational. I need to figure it out. I’m considering removing the drives and creating a Linux-based NAS in one of my towers.

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