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Fun with Linux

This past weekend I installed Mint 15 on a Dell E5500 laptop. I had fiddle around a bit in Windows first because the utility I had downloaded to install the ISO to a flash drive didn’t work as expected. I went back to another utility I’ve used successfully and it worked just fine. The install went without a hitch as did the installation of several of my favorite applications. Connecting to my HP printers went well too.

I’ve been using it at work during my lunch break and I haven’t had any problems connecting to the public wireless there. It also makes the transition to my home wireless seamlessly. I’m liking it a lot.

I still have the Gateway laptop and I’ve had issues connecting to hotel wireless networks under Linux when I’ve been on the road. I guess I need to migrate my Windows genealogy software and data to my XP computer and find a good Linux-based genealogy software to use on the new laptop.

While I’m at it, I may was well install Apache on at least a couple Linux and Windows computers so I can work on my web pages should I get the urge. I probably need to take a look at my web sites and see what I can eliminate and what needs to be updated. That sounds like a project for a cold, winter weekend.

I tried installing the latest HPLIP on my main Linux computer and it kind of messed up my printer connections. I installed the GUI version through Synaptic but it wouldn’t stay running. Finally I went into System Settings, deleted the printer and reinstalled it. Surprisingly, it saw the All-in-One so I installed that as well.

Since I had different versions of Bluefish on the laptop and the PC, I decided to update it on the PC using apt-get and ended up with version 2.2.5 beta 1. I still have differing versions but I think I can live with it. If nothing else, I can tell which computer I last used to edit my HTML files.

I have a few other minor projects to get done before the weather turns too cool. I have a couple of home improvement/repair projects that involve getting up in the attic so that might be a good opportunity to run a cable from the switch to the bedroom for the Roku. Maybe I can run a raceway behind the TV to hide the cables. It’s either that or obtain another access point or a signal booster for that end of the house.

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