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Penultimate Day, 2012

The biggest thing was the upgrade from ADSL to AT&T’s U-verse. While the increased speed is great, there were a few things about it with which I’ve been a bit disappointed. First on that list is the AT&T-provided 2Wire Residential Gateway (RG). My earliest gripe about it was the WiFi; it’s only 802.11g and it kept dropping the signal. I finally disabled it and began using my old Linksys WRT54G to provide wireless for the house. I tried to set up my X2000 the same way but it wouldn’t allow connected devices to communicate with the LAN or get out to the Internet. I’m looking at the idea of using it as an “internal” router with the RG functioning only as a gateway to the Internet.

I’m not really impressed with the RG in general. I’ve been having some issues with my Internet connection dropping out but I’m still trying to determine if my Netgear switch might be the culprit. I have three computers connected to the WRT54G and I’m looking at finally putting the Cisco 48-port switch into service. How long have I had that? I’ve noticed that one of Ethernet ports on the back of the RG does not hold the cable securely so there’s always the possibility of it slipping out. Maybe I should call AT&T and see if they’ll replace it.

With ADSL and cable, you can obtain a third party modem or router to replace the provider’s gateway device. But with U-verse, there is also no third party equipment (that I’m aware of) that can be used in place of the 2Wire RG. I’m stuck with their POS.

I still haven’t retired my domain controllers; they’re still chugging away. I’ve found information on creating a SAMBA-based Active Directory domain controller but I haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it. I’m wondering if I really need a domain controller. I could copy the user profiles, make them local accounts and place each Windows PC in the workgroup.

Looking forward, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my network — SAMBA-based DC, workgroup, an internal router behind the RG, rebuild the network from scratch or take it down to the bare minimum. I may do any of those projects, none of them, or something else altogether.


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  1. It appears that I may have been mislead about the U-verse deal but that’s probably what I get for believing a salesman. Having supported salesmen in a previous life, I should have known better. I had been given the impression that I could drop the TV portion after about a month with no penalty, just as long as I didn’t drop it all.

    Apparently, customer support sees it differently. I’m stuck with the TV box and the channel package I’m not watching until October when the contract ends. It doesn’t appear that I can downgrade to the basic package either. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had another TV and a place to put it. No, I’m not putting a TV and a network drop in my yoga room.

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