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Connection Issues

My connection to the Internet had been dropping out sporadically over the last few weeks. Usually, unplugging the power and plugging it in again usually restored it. However, this morning it kept reinitializing.  It was obviously on its last legs so I headed out to the nearest electronics superstore to obtain a replacement. They didn’t have a DSL modem per say but they did have a LinkSys X2000 DSL modem/router combination so I bought it, figuring that I could use my older router as a switch and Wireless Access Point at the other end of the house where the signal strength had been lacking.

I guess I should have run the software on the CD first as it probably would have saved me some time. I set it up manually and had everything inside my LAN working fine but I couldn’t connect to the Internet. After reconnecting all my Ethernet cables, I fired up a PC and ran the software. It finally “fixed” the problem and had me connected to the outside world.

Then I took the LinkSys WRT54G back to my room at the other end of the house and set it up to be a switch and Wireless Access Point. Now I have excellent signal strength on my laptop and my Roku box. Life is good.

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