Lost Keyboard in XP Found

Here’s an update on my laptop/XP/keyboard problem. This morning, I logged on using Tina’s domain account as well as with the administrator account and the keyboard worked just fine. That led me to believe that it may not have been driver issue but something specific to my profile on the computer, perhaps malware or something. I had the problem with both my local and domain logins but I had them pointing to the same profile.

I ran scans for malware but came up with nothing. I ran HijackThis and saw nothing unusual in its log file. I didn’t find much useful online. Most of what I found seems to be totally irrelevant until I saw something interesting at Microsoft.com. I took a look at Accessibility Options in Control Panel. Under the keyboard tab I noticed that FilterKeys was checked. I unchecked it and the keyboard started responding. I rebooted and it was working fine. I can’t believe how simple it was to fix it. How many months have I had this problem? It would have been nice to have found that before I went to Vincennes last month. I still haven’t gotten that Wifi Radar to work in Linux.

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