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Migration Stalled

The Linux migration has kind of stalled. The Windows 2000 domain controllers are still online although their primary purpose is Windows logon, DNS and WINS. The router is handling DHCP and the files are on the NAS.

I’m not even sure if I need domain controllers. When I log in to a Windows machine, I’m not really getting anything from Active Directory. The login script resides on the NETLOGON share and my mapped drives are all on the NAS, not on any domain member. I don’t have any essential group policy being pushed down. Why do I need it? Right now, the only essential service the domain controllers provide me is DNS.

I need to rethink my whole network infrastructure. I could easily go to a workgroup structure with a single Linux box to provide time and DNS services while I put together my Linux server running Samba which would ultimately provide logon. I would also have it provide other services like DNS, NTP, file sharing, and internal web hosting. In the intermim, I could down both WIndows DCs. I’d still need to have a PC sharing out my Samsung printer to Windows clients. Eventually, I’d like to get that working under Linux.

I’ve acquired an IBM workstation that will be the new Linux server. Before I install Linux on it, I need to get some additional hardware. I want a volume (RAID 1 or 5) for home directories and data that needs to be readily accessible across the network. I’d like to have all of that ready before installing the OS so I can have everything configured before it goes live.

I need to do more reading and research on setting up Samba for Windows and Linux clients, particular login credentials and scripts. I want centralized logons so I don’t have to create individual accounts on every computer. I imagine that there must be a mechanism for determining the client OS and running the appropriate script. Maybe I’ll have to have separate Windows and Linux user names. I need to look into this. I’ll be giving the whole idea some careful thought over the next week or so. Any suggestions or reference links would be appreciated.

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