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I’m a PC and I run Linux

I thought about what I did with my home computer and realized that very few things I do actually require Windows to accomplish so I decided to make it a Linux PC. However, getting Linux on the new computer was a greater challenge than I had anticipated. But isn’t that always the case? Things are never as easy as they first appear.

I ended up having to create a new Live CD for Ubuntu and it worked after failing with Mint and another Ubuntu CD. For the record, the Mint CD failed on another computer and the new Ubuntu CD failed on the other as well. On that computer, I ended up installing 8.04 and upgrading to 10.04.

Once I got it up and running, I got the dual monitors going. I ran into a few issues with the NIC and audio drivers but they seem to be working now. The next hurdle is to install the applications I need, configure them and import whatever data is required. I also need to determine what needs to be moved from the W2K PC to the laptop, which will be my main Windows computer.

I’ve run into a few other problems too. I’m currently working on accessing the NAS. Apparently, I have to install nfs-common and create directories before I can mount them. That much is done though I haven’t tried mounting them yet (it was getting late). I’ll have to do this for each Linux installation. I’m hoping that for computers with multiple users I can create the directories outside of the /home directory so I don’t have to do this for every user.

The migration project is coming along and I’m learning as I go. I’m not in a particular hurry so getting it right is far more important than getting it done quickly.

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  1. I found your post interesting, but I didn’t see you mention the ubuntuforum. I have to recommend you give it a look and see if you can get some more help with your install. Your System may not have fully supported Ubuntu such as an obscure graphics driver or you didn’t have enough ram to boot and install from the Ubuntu 10.04 live cd. I run an Ubuntu Video Tutorial Blog that covers many things and you are bringing up things that I should mention. But the bottom line is that if you need help with installing/using ubuntu make sure you check out the ubuntu forum it can help you learn a ton.

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