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New Toys & Stuff

I started looking at parts on Newegg and found a sweet combo deal — ASUS micro-ATX motherboard with AMD Athlon II x2 2.9GHz CPU, 4GB PC2 8500 RAM, 800GB SATA hard drive, 24x SATA DVD writer, case and power supply for $330 and change. That’s about what a refurb would have cost me. Now I’m thinking about using the old PC as a test/repair station to clean infested hard drives and stuff like that.

Once I have DNS configured on the 2.4GHz P4 I just acquired for the Linux server role, I plan to make the changes in the appropriate scripts and config files, then take the Gateway desktop out of the network, leaving me one Linux server to handle the basic tasks. For my little network, it should be sufficient. I’m not sure I’ll use the Gateway for anything. It’s only 800MHz with 512MB and it maxes out the CPU when Web browsing with Ubuntu.

I’ve acquired another PC that will work extremely well for my mobile PC. I need to order some memory for it and then I’ll dual boot it with XP and Linux and put it on a little cart with a CRT and the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Will Linux support that? From what I’ve read, Logitech does not support Linux but people seem to have had varying degrees of success.

I’m getting closer to phasing out Windows 2000 and embracing the Penguin as my server and network OS. In time, it will probably become my preferred desktop OS as well.


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  1. Everything arrived on Friday and I put it together. Looks great. Still haven’t turned it on or loaded an OS on it, had too many other things going on.

  2. After evaluating my home computing needs,I decided against dual booting my new computer and loaded Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx on it yesterday evening. I had wanted to go with Linux Mint but I seemed to be jinxed with Mint. For anything that does require Windows, I’ll use the laptop or one of the other PCs in the house.

  3. I still haven’t migrated everything off my W2K Pro box. I’m still using it for some things. I don’t see that I’ll be retiring it any time soon.

    I haven’t worked out downloading data from my bank to MoneyDance. Maybe I can work on that while I’m off work for a week.

    I should probably work on getting a better audio driver installed too. The Linux driver on the CD that came with the motherboard needs to be compiled but the make file doesn’t seem to work right. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve messed with make files.

    I finally got Linux Mint installed on the PC I set up for the grandkids. I’ll probably go with Mint on future workstations.

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