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Print Server Blues

I’m still looking for a solution to sharing my Samsung printer. The Wyse terminal didn’t work out because there’s no way to protect it from malware infections. The other night I threw together some spare parts and set up an XP machine for the job but this morning, it had a BSOD. I knew the hardware might have been a little flaky (some caps on the motherboard were bulging a bit) but I hoped it would run a little longer.

For now, I’m going to reattach the printer to the BDC and reinstall the printer on all of my Windows clients. While I’m at it, I’ll upgrade the BDC’s memory to 768MB (its max). After I retired the domain controllers, I may load XP on it and go that route.

This morning, I began thinking that I should go ahead and find a refurbished workstation to use as my Linux-based domain controller rather than using an obsolete PC. I also need to upgrade my PC to XP (or Win 7) and the idea of upgrading to better hardware there has also occurred to me. At work I’m constantly frustrated by keeping junk going with junk and I’m doing the same thing on my own network. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and get some better hardware for the critical functions.


2 Responses

  1. For the time being, the printer will be shared from Bullwinkle. Since I’ve found a more suitable computer for my Linux server, the printer sharing duties will probably go to the Dell Dimension 4100. It’s a 1GHz PC with only 512MB but its only function will be to share that printer so it should work at least as well as the current solution.

  2. I acquired a PC which I hoped would become my general use XP box but it maxed out at 1GB of RAM. Made it my print server. It’ll work. Started on the “new” Linux server.

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