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Weekend Project Update 2

Late Friday night, I rearranged the server and network area and, hopefully, things are better arranged and looking more organized. I introduced some cable management by running cables and cords through tubes or tying together with zip ties.

I exported my old tech blog database to a .CSV file and copied it up to the NAS. When I find the time, I’ll look and see if there’s anything worth reposting. I don’t think there is. After exporting the database I shut down FrankenWeb and retired it. I’ll keep it around a while in case I need something off of it. I’ll take a look at it and see if I can determine why it was shutting down.

I moved the Linux DNS server to the rack, sitting it on top of the domain controllers. I placed a Wyse Winterm 9455XL with XP Embedded on the shelf above the servers to act as a print server, sharing the Samsung laser printer which is working well in that capacity. That’s good because the motherboard I was going to use for an XP machine to share the printer was too large for the case I had obtained.

I need to find a good reference book for configuring and administrating Ubuntu servers. I still need to look at the DNS configuration and set up NTP on the Linux DNS box. I’d like to have DNS and NTP up and running well before I introduce the logon server. I will definitely need some good reference material to set up Samba on that to provide the basic logon services I’m looking for.

Once the Linux servers are up, configured properly and all the clients are working with them, I will be able to retire both W2K domain controllers. I may keep one of them for data backup, perhaps installing Linux.


2 Responses

  1. I’m not sure the Wyse terminal is gong to work out as a device to share the printer. McAfee Virus Scan on one DC showed that the conficker worm had tried to infect it.. I can probably clean the worm from the terminal by restarting it, logging in as administrator and running a write-protection app. Since there is not enough room to install an anti-virus program, I have no way to know if it’s become infected or to quarantine it.. My best bet is to find another printer sharing solution, more than likely a PC running XP.

    I found some documentation online and configured DNS and NTP on the Linux “server.” They both appear to be working. I added the DNS to the DHCP configuration on the router and changed the net time in the logon script.

    I ordered a book on Ubuntu server administration and it should be here in a few days. I’ll read up on setting up Samba as a domain controller before installing Linux on the 4100. I’ll also set that up as a secondary DNS server.

    I need to learn more about bash scripts and such so I can create logon scripts for my Linux clients. Maybe Adam has something I can borrow or some good links. I used to be pretty good at DOS batch files but other scripting is kinda foreign to me.

  2. I threw some spare parts together and set up a PC to share the Samsung printer using the same computer name and IP address. It’s a Frankenstein but it will do the job until I come up with a better alternative. Once I retire the domain controllers, I may add some memory to one and have it assume the duty.

    The Ubuntu server administration book arrived on Saturday but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

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