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Linux Migration Update

I think I’ve got most of the hardware I need to make the Linux migration happen. I’ve got two computer on which I’ll install Ubuntu 10.04 Server. One will be primarily to provide DNS and NTP services while the other will be the logon server using Samba. It will also be my secondary DNS server. Configuring everything should be interesting. I’ll probably test with Linux PCs first since they don’t currently log in to the domain.

I’m not sure how logon scripts are going to work. If I have a script on the Logon server, I imagine there would have to be someway of determining what OS is in use and run an appropriate script. Maybe I’ll have to run the scripts from each computer. I’m sure all of this has been done before and I’ll have to dig to find the answers.

I’ve got a motherboard and I just obtained a case for the PC that will share the Samsung printer on the network. I’ll load it with XP and that will probably be it’s only function.

Once it’s all installed, configured and debugged, I can retire the old domain controllers and remove them from the network. At the moment, I can’t think of any function they could serve. I might throw Linux on them and use them for backup.

I don’t know what purpose it would serve other than something to play around with but I’m thinking of taking that old 120Mhz Pentium, install that IDE/Compact Flash thing, and install either Puppy Linux or Damn Small Linux on it. Maybe I’ll keep the DOS drive and dual boot it. (I guess I’ve got a fondness for DOS.) It’s not something I’m going to do right away as I’ve got other projects to get done. I wonder how much memory it has.

My PC still needs an OS upgrade. I’ve been chugging along on W2K too long. I probably ought to clean out the extra hardware and dispense with the removable bay. There’s probably not a lot of anything that’s going to get done until after my road trip.

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