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Weekend Projects and Other Stuff

It seems I have a number of things going on and a number of things that should be going on. In another month, Windows 2000 updates will come to a halt and I still have three W2K computers running – my PC and the two domain controllers.  I have a computer ready for use as my Linux-based domain controller. I just need to do it. The other computers on the network are running XP and/or Linux.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with my network connections on my laptop. The connections are slow after boot up but if I restart it, everything is fine. The desktop running Lucid Lynx is connecting fine and it’s connected to the same switch. I could have sworn that last weekend I had great screen resolution on that computer but now the bests I can get is 800×600. Maybe I should spend a few bucks on a better video  card.

I still don’t why my PC rejected my attempts to install XP but it’s been working well since cleaning it up. Still, I need to either upgrade the OS or the hardware soon. I really would like to have a more powerful and up to date computer and I can use the present machine as a semi-mobile Linux box.

I finally upgraded WordPress on my For What It’s Worth blog. With all the plug-ins, particularly the Lifestream plug-in, there wasn’t enough memory available for the upgrade. I deactivated all the plug-ins and the upgrade completed flawlessly. I can edit the wp-config.php to allocate more memory so hopefully I won’t have to disable the plug-ins.

I ordered another status board which arrived yesterday. I plan to install that and the jack board this weekend. Status lights and four working USB ports will be a good thing.

Possible projects for this weekend:

  • Install status and jack boards on laptop
  • Swap drives on Kinderputer and if all is working well, install Linux Mint or Lucid Lynx on the old drive.
  • Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server on Dimension 4100. This will be the center of my Linux network.
  • Copy new music files to the NAS and create the DATA and HOME shares.
  • Create an “Under Construction” page for Legacy trees on the Genealogy site.
  • Edit wp-config.php to fix upgrade error on For What It’s Worth blog.
  • Take and edit banner photos for Padawan Yogi, Tech Stuff, and For What It’s Worth blogs.
  • Create a network account for Abigail.

I probably won’t complete more than a couple of these projects this weekend. I’ve got some home improvement and maintenance projects that need to be done as well.


2 Responses

  1. I did get a few items on my list done over the weekend. The results of the Ghost operation were bizarre so I disconnected the old drive and manually loaded XP on the new one. I still need to make sure all the profile data is moved over and then I can install Linux.

    I did finally create a network account for Abigail. I was in Active Directory Computers and Users to change the logon scripts. I went to one script to set the time and map drives to the NAS. Then I moved the script to the NETLOGON share and removed the Group Policy scripts. So far, that’s working for both XP and W2K PCs.

    The 3Com NIC flaked out on Bullwinkle so I replaced it with a Netgear card. I copied everything from the data, public and home shares to the NAS. I’ll have to go in and clean it up – eliminate duplicate files and old shit I no longer need.

    Now, the domain controllers aren’t as critical so I can work on phasing them out and phasing in Linux. Right now, the servers provide network logon services, DNS and WINS which will eventually be provided by a Linux server (except for WINS which isn’t really necessary).

  2. Which of last weekend’s projects should I attempt this weekend? How about everything except the page on the Genealogy site, the NAS shares and the account for Abi? Those little projects have been done.

    I need to apply the WordPress fix before I upgrade FWIW to WP 3.0.

    The weather is supposed to be nice so I may be concentrating on outdoor projects. Mandy has a project for me but maybe I can put it off a couple of weeks.

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